Optimise Your Portfolio with Real Estate Lease Administration.

Reduce Expenses and Comply with the New Lease Accounting Standards. See a Demo »



Centralise Administration of your Real Estate Portfolio.

  • Centralise Contracts – A single repository to track all your rent payments, options, and critical dates
  • Optimise Space – Understand how space is being used by employees today and plan for how it can be used in the future
  • Simplify Accounting – Track contract modifications, rent changes, and other data needed for IFRS 16 and ASC 842
LeaseAccelerator: Real estate lease administration software

All of your Real Estate Data and Documents in a Single Repository.

A single repository to track all the documents and data related to properties across the enterprise – offices, warehouses, factories, data centres, research labs, undeveloped land, and easements.


Track variable rents and CAMs

Keep track of fixed and variable rents including the underlying formulas, base year expenses, escalation caps, and market indices. Also capture operating expenses, taxes, insurance, and various sundry charges.

Critical Dates

Never miss a deadline

Never miss a termination or renewal deadline again with our proactive end-of-lease notifications. Keep track of all your renewal options so you can lock in favorable rents and pre-negotiated contract terms.


Rights, renewals, and more

Track expansion, cancellation, and right of first refusal options for all your property leases in a single system. Understand purchase options and the number of renewals remaining.


Contracts, invoices, and more

Store all your real estate documents in a single central repository including lease agreements, amendments, subleases, work letters, monthly rent invoices, occupancy certificates, and estoppel letters.

LeaseAccelerator Canada: Enterprise Lease Accounting Software New Lease Accounting Standards

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Learn how LeaseAccelerator can help you better comply with the new lease accounting standards and recover 2-3% on leasing expenditures.


Lease Accounting Compliance and Spend Reduction

With our Real Estate Lease Administration software you can capture all the data needed to support the new IFRS 16 lease accounting standards. Plus you can manage your invoice approvals, cost accounting, budgeting, forecasting, and financial planning.

Lease Accounting

Track variable rent changes, contract modifications, and changes to reasonably certain holding plans that impact accounting. Separate lease and non-lease components and track standalone prices.

Invoice Management

Capture monthly invoices for owned and leased properties. Route to budget owners for approvals on payments. Generate billing data for sublease contracts for accounts receivables.

Budget and Forecasting

Generate forecasts for real estate expenses and income for upcoming fiscal or calendar years. Set up property-level budgets. Track actual versus expected cost variances by cost category and GL code.

Spend Analysis

Armed with all your real estate contracts and invoices in a single system, you can conduct desktop and full scope audits to identify cost savings opportunities –  landlord over-billing, uncollected deposits, and more.

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