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Digitise your leasing business processes.


The First Enterprise Software Application Designed to Manage Leases

With LeaseAccelerator you can reduce the costs of your existing leasing portfolio, grow your leasing program, and generate more free cash flow.

Digitize your enterprise lease portfolio by automating the business processes for all the assets that you rent:

  • Procure-to-Pay
  • Acquire-to-Dispose
  • Record-to-Report

We support all the popular lease asset categories including:

  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Information Technology and Data Centre Equipment
  • Transportation and Material Handling Equipment
  • Company Cars and Vehicle Fleets

Automate Your Record-to-Report Process and Simplify the Monthly Close for IFRS 16.

Looking for help with the new lease accounting standards? LeaseAccelerator offers a long-term, scalable approach to supporting the IFRS 16 standard. With our lease accounting software you can manage all your real estate and equipment leases in a single subledger. Once implemented, the record-to-report and monthly close processes are highly automated, enabling you to generate accurate financial disclosures with just a few mouse clicks.

Day One Compliance

  • Global Standards: Multiple parallel set-of-books reporting for IFRS and US GAAP
  • Asset-Level: Journal entries to support complex equipment leasing scenarios
  • ERP Upload: Integration with SAP and Oracle general ledger, AP, and real estate systems
  • Financial Reporting: Push-button reporting for filings and disclosures

Day Two Success

  • Lease Management: Middle of lease events and end-of-lease renewals, buyouts, and terminations
  • Modifications: Tracking of events triggering modifications and reassessments
  • Disclosure Reporting: Payment schedule, amortisation, and maturity analysis reporting
  • Financial Audits: Electronic audit trail of all activities throughout the lease lifecycle

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Learn how LeaseAccelerator can help you automate your record-to-report process and simplify your monthly closeusing our IFRS 16 Enterprise Lease Accounting software.

Reduce the Cost of Equipment Leases by 6-8% through Competition

LeaseAccelerator Canada: Enterprise Lease Accounting Software New Lease Accounting Standards

Are you getting the best financing rates and contract terms for your equipment leases? Are you analysing leasing versus buying options to determine which has the most economic benefit? We can help you quickly generate leasing RFPs then distribute them to our network of over 500 banks, vendor captives, and independent lessors. We can also help you conduct lease versus buy analyses.

Asset Financing

  • Lease vs Buy Analysis – Compare options based upon present value, cash flow, and tax impacts
  • Leasing RFPs – Automatically generate RFPs for competitive bidding of asset finance
  • Analysis and Ranking – Quickly compare competitive bids from lessors
  • Standardized Contracts – Avoid predatory leasing terms and reduce negotiating time

Competitive Marketplace

  • Capital Sources – Get bids from vendor captives, commercial banks, and independent leasing companies
  • Ticket Sizes – Get bids on large, medium, and small ticket size equipment leases
  • Asset Categories – Get bids on material handling, transportation, data centre, and other equipment types
  • Geographic Regions – Get bids from capital sources in Europe, Middle East, the Americas, and Asia

Manage Real Estate, IT, Fleet, and Equipment Lease Throughout Their Lifecycle

Centralise all the data about your information technology, data centre, transportation, material handling, and office equipment assets into a single, enterprise-wide system. With all your leasing contract terms, financing rates, and expiration dates in a single repository, you will be able to quickly identify opportunities for reducing costs and optimising spend.

Equipment Leases

  • Over Payments – Minimise month-to-month rent payments past expiration
  • End of Term Renewals – Optimise renewal rents with data-driven negotiating strategies
  • End-of-Term Buyouts – Ensure you’re not over-paying for end of lease asset buys
  • Lower Maintenance Costs – Reduce repairs and maintenance expenses from older equipment
  • Technology Obsolescence – Identify older equipment that can be upgraded at the same or lower cost

Real Estate Leases

  • Lease Accounting – Track variable rent changes, contract modifications, and standalone prices for lease components
  • Budget and Forecasting – Generate sublease income forecasts, set up property level budgets, track expenses by cost centre
  • Invoice Management – Capture monthly rent invoices, route to budget owners for approval, send disbursement info to AP
  • Spend Analysis – Use centralised data to conduct desktop and full scope audits to identify cost savings opportunities

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