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Automate Your Record-to-Report Process and Simplify Your Monthly Close with our IFRS 16 Lease Accounting Software

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Automate your Lease Accounting and Lease Administration

LeaseAccelerator is designed to automate your record-to-report processes. Our system will perform the high volume and complex calculations, enabling you to focus on policy, analyses, and exceptions.


Are you ready for Lease Accounting 2.0?

Digitise your leasing program and integrate it into a reliable and accurate global close process.

For many firms, adoption of IFRS 16 initially appeared to simply be a question of applying known calculations, judgements, and policies against the data in their lease portfolio. What these organizations are now finding is that maintaining the completeness and accuracy of this data moving forward is an extremely complex process of considerable scale that requires business process changes. Only through the application of advanced technology can this challenge be overcome.

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LeaseAcclerator Lease Administration Software

Automate your Lease Administration and Lease Accounting.

Most IFRS 16 Software applications are designed purely for accounting. But you cannot achieve accurate financial reporting without proper lease administration capabilities as well. Accurate and complete accounting requires an automated approach to tracking your lease portfolio as new leases are signed, variable rents are updated, contracts are modified, and end-of-lease decisions are made.

Changes, Modifications, and Reassessments

Track changes to leases throughout their lifecycle:

  • Contractual changes
  • Pricing changes
  • Location changes
  • Cost centre changes

Governance, Policies, and Controls for External Audit

Centralized repository provides a single source for:

  • Documents and data
  • Judgments and policy elections
  • “Who, what, and when” reporting

Automate Record-to-Report

Integrate lease accounting with financial systems to automatically capture:

  • New lease commencement
  • Mid-term changes
  • End-of-term decisions
  • Month-to-month auto-renewals

Management and Cost Accounting

Automate treasury, financial planning, and analysis functions:

  • Profitability and lease performance
  • Cost centre tracking
  • Property taxes and insurance
  • Forecasting, budgeting, and planning

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Managed Services for Lease Accounting.

Our certified partners can help make your IFRS 16 program a scalable, long-term success.

Implementation and Support

For IFRS 16 Software:

  • Software configuration
  • Data collection and upload
  • User administration and privileges
  • Troubleshooting and problem resolution

Lease Administration

Tracking Changes to the Portfolio:

  • New leases
  • Rent changes
  • Contract modifications
  • End-of-term decisions

Lease Accounting

Support for Record-to-Report:

  • Applying IFRS 16 accounting
  • Monthly close and disclosure reporting
  • Exceptions and reconciliations
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