Equipment Lease Management Software

Automate the Business Processes for Your Equipment Lease Portfolio and Save 10-12%.

Manage all of your categories of equipment leases with one application.

Are you tracking your leased equipment using spreadsheets, emails, file cabinets, and yellow sticky notes? These time-intensive processes are not only expensive, but also error prone. The new lease accounting standards will draw higher levels of scrutiny from auditors, shareholders, and board members.

Can you really afford to not have strong systems, processes, and controls in place?

LeaseAccelerator Equipment Leasing Management

With the LeaseAccelerator Equipment Lease Management software you can:

  • Centralise all leasing data and documentation in a single enterprise-wide repository
  • Capture a detailed audit trail for each individual leased asset which records who did what and when
  • Track mid-term lease contract changes including swaps, upgrades, early buyouts, and returns
  • Measure the economic performance of your leasing portfolio by business unit and asset category

What is Equipment Lease Management Software?

With our Equipment Lease Management software, you can automate the critical business processes for tracking equipment from the initial contracting and booking to the end-of-term recordation and return.


Reduce your leasing costs by 10–12%.

We will help you capture all of the information about your leased material handling, transportation, IT, and data centre equipment into a single centralized repository. Armed with all of your data in one place, you will be able to quickly identify opportunities to reduce costs.


Monitor critical dates

Never miss a deadline with our proactive notifications for upcoming equipment lease renewals. Understand renewal pricing changes, make a decision, then notify the leasing company.


Avoid expensive auto-renewals

Quickly identify which leases are past the end of the contract term and billing month-to-month “evergreen fees.” Analyze your portfolio, identify root causes, and take corrective action.


Exercise purchase options

Understand the purchase options and residual value for leased equipment assets that are too critical to replace at end of term. Quickly identify options for lost, stolen, or damaged equipment assets.


Never miss a deadline

Send notifications of upcoming end-of-term dates to the users of the assets on lease so that they don’t miss the return deadline and follow the return requirements set out in the lease.

LeaseAccelerator Canada: Enterprise Lease Accounting Software New Lease Accounting Standards

Get a live demo of our Equipment Lease Management software

Learn how LeaseAccelerator can help you better comply with the new lease accounting standards and save you 10-12% on evergreen and end-of-term fees.


Maximise ROI and minimize risk.

With centralised management of your equipment lease portfolio you can confidently grow your program without worrying about cost leakage.

Smarter Capital Decisions

Lease vs buy analysis

Ensure you are making the optimal economic decisions for capital expenditures by consistently performing lease versus buy analyses. With LeaseAccelerator you can standardize your lease versus buy analysis with a user-friendly tool that doesn’t require an MBA to use.

Safety and Insurance Risks

Replace assets regularly

Ensure all your leased assets are properly insured so you aren’t forced to pay full replacement costs when equipment is damaged or destroyed. Refresh frequently to avoid potential worker safety issues and higher insurance costs from using older equipment.

Maximise Asset Performance

Refresh with new tech

Ensure you refresh assets with newer, faster, better performing equipment at the end of term. With LeaseAccelerator, you can institute automated workflows to ensure you always refresh in a timely manner and optimize the economic benefits of leasing.

Tax and Contract Exposure

Track asset locations

Minimize risks associated with making incorrect property taxes and leasing contract agreements by tracking leased equipment asset moves. With LeaseAccelerator you can institute a periodic attestation process to verify the existence and location of leased assets.

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