Digitising the Lease Lifecycle – Sourcing, Management, and Accounting

There are over $5 trillion worth of assets leased by corporations around the world. But despite the massive dollar amount, there historically have been no software applications designed to manage leases. Most of these leases have been managed on spreadsheets. In fact, leasing is one the few (if not the only) multi-trillion dollar business process yet to be disrupted by technology. And our mission is to change that!

With LeaseAccelerator companies can automate the processes throughout the leasing lifecycle including obtaining financing, tracking assets, processing renewals, and performing accounting.

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The Global Leasing Market

$5 Trillion

Lease Financing

100 Million

Lease Contracts


Leased Assets


Meet Your Newest Financial Software Application

LeaseAccelerator was founded with vision that every company would some day have a software application to manage their lease portfolio just like every company has a CRM to manage their sales pipeline and a T&E application to manage travel expenses.

The Missing Module from ERP

ERP applications are great for managing assets that you own, but they were not designed for tracking assets that you lease. Our Enterprise Lease Accounting software was designed specifically for assets you don’t own. And it supports the unique sourcing, invoicing, tracking, and accounting business processes required for leases.

LeaseAcclerator Lease Administration Software

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IFRS 16 Leases is one of the biggest accounting changes in history. Read recent news articles to gain LeaseAccelerator’s perspective on the challenges with moving trillions of liabilities onto corporate balance sheets. View media articles.


Pioneers in Digital Transformation of the Leasing Process

We serve hundreds of small and large corporations around the world. Our customers include Global 100 companies with multi-billion dollar lease portfolios, dozens of general ledgers, and globally decentralized operations. We also service a growing number of small and medium enterprises with simpler lease portfolios, but an equal motivation to digitise the leasing lifecycle.

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